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Lea Valley


Meetings 2017

Lea Valley Branch meets on the second Wednesday of the month (unless indicated otherwise) and our 2017 programme is as follows:

Wednesday 11 January

Quiz – Name that plant

Wednesday 8 February

Society slideshows – Venezuala and Cactotherapy

Wednesday 8 March

Three old farts do Chile – Colin Cutler

Wednesday 12 April

Colorado – David Minnion

Wednesday 10 May

Succulents from the winter rains – Terry Smale

Saturday – Monday 27-29 May

Annual Show at Capel Manor

Wednesday 14 June

Adventures in Mexico – Paul Spracklin

Wednesday 12 July

2014 Western Cape – Derek Tribble

Wednesday 9 August

New ideas in cultivation – Richard Rolfe

Wednesday 13 September

Winter is 7-cumen in – John Watmough

Wednesday 11 October

Mini Show and
That's nice – Eddy Harris

Wednesday 8 November

Just a little out of the ordinary – Graham Evans

Wednesday 13 December

AGM and Christmas Social